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Extended Opening Hours

There is an extended hours surgery once a week and working people may find this convenient. It is for pre-booked appointments only. The surgery will not be open for making new appointments, repeat prescriptions etc, and the telephone will be on divert to NHS 24 for any emergencies. The appointments for an extended hours surgery are on Monday evenings as well as some limited early morning and late afternoon appointments which are convenient for working people.

Extended access service

The aim of the service is to offer a greater range of appointments for routine problems. The types of problems that can be seen by the extended access service are similar to those that can be pre-booked during normal working hours.

This service is for routine medical conditions and is not an emergency service. The service is limited where doctors will be restricted in their physical examination of patients, and scope to arrange investigation. (This is because of the absence of practice nursing/ treatment room services and lab service back-up which the Scottish Government has decided not to fund).

Patients will therefore not be able to have blood tests, smear tests or an intimate examination requiring assistance from a chaperone, any chronic disease management review, or dressings or ear syringing, but will have to return for a day-time appointment if these services are required. Young children and the elderly who require to be brought to the surgery by working family members will also be welcome to these appointments.

If you become unwell after 6:00pm please call NHS 24 as usual on 111.

Extended access booking

Appointments for the extended access service are booked by calling the surgery reception.