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Recording of consultations

Denbridge Medical Practice is a GP Training Practice attached to the NHS Education for Scotland Specialty GP Training Programme. We are keen to support the training of new GPs and also to develop the skills of our existing GPs and other staff.

As part of this, clinicians working in this practice might ask you if your consultation could be recorded.   This is to help them improve their consultation skills as well as their ability to talk to patients. The recording will only be used for teaching and training purposes, usually within the practice building between trainer and trainee, although sometimes teaching sessions may be held outside the practice in a group setting where the recording may be viewed by other trainers and trainees.

Your consent will always be requested before your consultation is recorded. You will need to sign that consent form again afterwards to say that you are still happy. You can also withdraw your consent at any time following this, either verbally or in writing.

The recording will focus on the communication between the doctor and patient and will not record examinations where your body clothing needs to be removed.

If you would rather that your consultation is not recorded, please tell the receptionist. This is entirely your choice and will not affect your health care in any way. Please also refer to our practice privacy notice which tells you how we manage your personal information when you make contact with us or use one of our services.

The Practice’s data protection officer is the Practice Manager, Mrs Nicola MacLeod should you wish to discuss this further.